Hitachi And SAP partner For Success In Business

SAP is a German software company respected world wide. The English translation of the words behind the acronym are systems, applications and products, SAP. The company has a suite of eleven application products that can be tailored to the needs of any type of business. When a business buys an SAP product or suite of products, there will be an SAP partner to launch and manage the system. Hitachi in Singapore is a valued and expert partner to SAP products.

Setting up and implementing enterprise resource planning, ERP, applications requires expert consultation with a partner certified by the software company. Hitachi has developed a methodology for set up and implementation of ERP systems to ensure that the transition to ERP applications is smooth for your business. The board overview is the planning process, the development process and the support and maintenance of the system. Hitachi calls this the HiCARE II project management methodology.

The Hitachi website at explains the methodology in detail. HiCARE II has six basic phases that move from Phase I, system design and strategize project scope to Phase VI, go live and support. For the SAP product line, Hitachi has taken their methodology a step further and developed the Accelerated SAP, ASAP, methodology for implementation. Hitachi follows a very detailed are repeatable road map for setting up, going live and maintenance and support of the SAP suite of products.

Phase 1 of the ASAP methodology is project preparation. At this phase the goals are defined at a high level scope and a project plan is developed. With executive input and approval the standards and organization of the project are set up. Procedures, standards and staffing are finalized. The roles and responsibilities of each member of the project team are developed, agreed upon and documented. The project objectives and initiation activities are carefully documented in the project charter.

The next three phases are business blueprint, realization and final preparation. The blueprint phase lays out the plans to be achieved, much like the blueprint of a building before it is actually built. During the realization phase the software will be configured and tested and legacy data conversion programs will be created and tested. The final preparation phase will ensure that everything in in place and functioning properly. This is the final phase before taking the system live. The two last phases, phase 5 and phase 6 are go live support and run. During the go live support phase the system is launched. The support team from Hitachi is there for every step, but these critical go live days are the test that everything that worked in theory is now working in actual practice. The run phase is to ensure the continued operation of your SAP system.

By following the ASAP methodology, Hitachi gets your system up and running as soon as possible. However, the planning and testing phases are carefully thought out and documented. Hitachi appreciates that time is money, and that the benefits of your SAP system are not realized until the system is fully operational.