Top 10 POS Systems for Retail

In a market saturated with point of sale software, the most important question that arises is: which software must a retailer choose? Here is a list of the top ten POS systems for retail.

1. Square: Square is a POS system that is affordable and ideal for small start-ups or micro-businesses. The software is compatible with most basic hardware like printers, scanners and display systems. The competitive prices of Square make it the most preferred basic POS system. There is no minimum monthly fee charged. The only disadvantage of this POS software is the lack of telephonic assistance.

2. Harbor touch: This POS system offers remote training and free hardware for a limited period. Customer service is offered round the clock. Harbor touch is ideal for retail stores, salons and health care services.

3. POS Nation: Think of POS Nation as a completely customized software solution. There are many bundles offered starting with the least hardware requirement to the most sophisticated systems. If what a customer seeks in unavailable as a pre-set package, the company creates customized point of sale software software to suit the retailer’s needs.

4. Sunrise POS: The software solution offered by Sunrise POS is oriented around training and installation. The software is customer friendly and easy to operate. The POS software is ideal for restaurants and retail outlets.

5. AccuPOS: An industry leader for most popular accounting programs like Sage 50, Quickbooks and Sage 100 ERP, this software merges transactions and accounting into a single consolidated unit to streamline the management process to sales.

6. The POS offered by this portal comes at zero upfront charges. The package offered includes credit card processing.

7. POSGuys: Started in 2002, POSGuys offer additional services like labelling equipment and warehouse management as a free service.

8. BarcodesInc: The prime focus of BarcodesInc is unmatched customer services. The company also offers additional business solutions apart from POS software.

9. Semicron Systems: Semicron Systems is a one stop solution for POS related hardware, accessories and software. Additional options of age verification, scanning of IDs are also included.

10. POS World: An undisputed industry leader, POS World is the only company to offer a lifetime warranty and lowest price guarantee on all their services and products. The shipment is quick and all products come with a 100 percent unused guarantee. This system is best suited for retail outlets.